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Arizona School Dance DJ/MC Services

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Arizona School Dance DJ/MC

Looking for an Arizona School DJ?

I provide live mixing DJ services for school events in the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area here in Arizona. I specialize in building attendance to school dances fund-raising dances where music takes priority. My services focus purely on the music and the mixing. I am a complete mobile party solution.

Make it, don't break it!

Your choice of school disc jockey will make or break your school dance. The popular thing to do now is to have interactive games, video game consoles, and music videos playing that keep the students entertained while the dance floor. I think that the kids come to dances to dance. My focus will be on motivating your students to have a great time DANCING!

How to build attendance to your dances!

The key to building attendance to your school dances is reputation. The biggest mistake that schools make is spending money on a quality DJ one time and expecting immediate results. The presence of a good DJ doesn't create attendance. The expectation of a good DJ does. If you are concerned about price, you might consider contracting a single DJ for all of your school dances for a year. Many DJ's will be willing to discount their normal prices for bulk events.

Playing current, edited versions of the hits that make dances memorable

For school dances, I offer great new and classic hits. Additionally, I can lead and teach a bunch of party dances. I do all this without turning your dance into a DJ show. Call or send me an email to hire me as your DJ.

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